Burning Bowl Event

Sunday, Dec. 31 – Burning Bowl – 10AM-11:30AM

From the opening meditation to the closing song, this full service is designed to help you clear your mind and prepare the way to birth something new. When we release what no longer serves us, we prepare the ground to nourish the new seed ideas that we are ready to bring in. This ceremony helps set the stage for what is to come.

Powerful words, powerful music!

Practitioner Kelly Sangha, RScP, is leading this event, with ethereal musical accompaniment thanks to David Yates.

David performs on a variety of instruments including the didgeridoo, and the handpan. He’s well-known in Vancouver for the work he has done assisting in various labyrinth walks around the city. You will be transported as these two take you on a journey into your soul, and what it wants to release.

Don’t let whatever you carried through this year, clog up your thoughts for the next. Use this moment, this time, to go within and release.

This event is by donation. All proceeds go to support CSL Yaletown.