Our Impact – Person By Person, Day By Day

Since opening in December 2014, here’s how we’ve made a difference:

  • 200+ People receiving Weekly Affirmation and Gratitude Support

  • 60 People Deepening their Meditation Practice weekly

  • 30+ People Healing through Shadow Workshops

  • 45+ People Learning about Global Spirituality including Hindu, Sufi, Christian and Buddhist trans-denominational practices

That’s People Power!

Now think about the power this conscious practice is having on the world:

  • 1,800 minutes of cross-cultural spiritual study

  • 3,600 minutes of shadow work

  • 10,400 Minutes of Affirmative Prayer support

  • 12,000 Minutes of Meditation

  • 108,000 Minutes of Focused Spiritual Reading, Meditation and Study

Added together that’s 135,800 minutes – OR – 110 round-the-clock days devoted to positive spiritual practice that’s been added to our world!

Our Ministers & Practitioners Stand Tall for You

Our minister and practitioners have been on the journey with you, supporting you with

  • Spiritual mind treatment

  • Spiritual counselling

  • Hospital visits

  • Weekly inspirational messages

  • Plus meaningful ceremonies designed to maintain and grow a positive self, for a positive community


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Powerful positive spiritual practice creates a world that works for everyone!

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