The Still Small Voice Within

Meditation is one of the best ways you can support yourself.

Science has proven meditation:

  • lowers your blood pressure
  • reduces stress
  • increases oxygen to your cells
  • increasings your healing ability
  • calms your attitude and increases pleasure
  • plus a host of other wonderful things

This skill has been practiced for centuries by spiritual traditions all over the world. Ultimately, sustained and regular practice supports you in hearing your own still voice. This will help you take positive action in your life with confidence and with ease.

One Consciousness – Many Practices

At Centre for Spiritual Living Yaletown we recommend and use a variety of meditation techniques that you can easily practice at home.

  • Start today on your own by simply following your breath
  • Sit upright, spine extended, feet on the ground
  • Begin with five minutes in silence
  • Gradually extend that time to 20-25 minutes
  • Consider starting and ending your practice with hand together in prayer pose
  • A simple mantra like: God Is, I Am, can assist with returning your mind to your breath

Try this meditation at home

Tony Brady is one of Rev. Karin’s favourite meditation teachers. He lives in Dublin, Ireland, and has a gentle practical way about him. She loves it so much, she posted it on the Centre’s Facebook page. See what you think: