Personal Growth


Personal Growth from the Inside Out

There’s always more to learn, and half the fun is meeting people who are on a similar journey. At CSL Yaletown, we offer a variety of classes throughout the year focused on personal growth.

Understand Your Spiritual Psychology

There have been many people who have paved the way to a greater understanding of who we are as spiritual people, Carl Jung among them.

Our founder, Ernest Holmes, was influenced by Jung and many other spiritual philosophers as he worked to develop his rich understanding of the intersection between the mind and our spirit which came to be known as Science of Mind.

Using the well-regarded curriculum developed over many decades by educators at the forefront of the New Thought movement, these classes are designed to expand your understanding of yourself and deepen your connection with your spiritual self. The tools you learn can help you live a more authentic life whether at work, at home, or at play.

There’s More to You Than You Think


Positive thinking has a profound influence on personal experience. Classes encourage you to apply your newly founds skills on a weekly basis. Workshops offer up more intensive opportunities to go deeper into areas of particular interest. The combination creates a wonderful matrix that allows your mind, body and spirit to work in unison for your authentic self.

Positive Learning Space

A variety of classes are held throughout the year, as well as workshops.

Classes are held in professional classroom space located at 1125 Howe Street, in the Rhodes Wellness College facility.

Registration is open to the public.