Centre for Spiritual Living Yaletown is offering a way to clear your path.
Set into mind your best year ever, confident you are walking in alignment with Spirit!
Starting Sunday, Dec. 17 and continuing through to Jan. 7, we’ll be leading you on a journey of reflection, recognition of your Divine Self, release and visioning.
There’s no better time than right now to live your best life!

Thursday, Dec. 21 – Celebration of Light  7PM – 9PM 

We’re thrilled to have the amazing soulful singer Piotr leading us at this special annual celebration!

PIOTR (pronounced Peter) is an emerging soul pop singer songwriter. He has performed across Canada, including multiple pride events, anti- bullying functions & Spencer Chandra’s MLA Fundraiser.

He was a runner up in Vancouver’s next Vocal Superstar Contest in 2016. Since then he has written songs for multiple budding artists, and is currently recording his self titled debut album that will be available in the spring of next year.

Taking place at Winter Solstice, this event is for everyone – regardless of your spiritual allegiance or heritage.

Join in an evening of song and celebration designed to remind you of the Light that is within us all. Families welcome!

Sunday, Dec. 24 – A Life of Truth – 10:30-11:30AM

Our role is to know the Truth regardless of appearances – just as the magi did when they trusted their intuition to follow the star.

Enjoy meditation and a SoulTalk with Rev. Karin.

Sunday, Dec. 31 – Burning Bowl – 10AM-11:30AM

From the opening meditation to the closing song, this full service is designed to help you clear your mind and prepare the way to birth something new.

Practitioner Kelly Sangha, RScP, is leading this event, with ethereal musical accompaniment from David Yates.

David performs on a variety of instruments including the didgeridoo, and the handpan. He’s well-known in Vancouver for the work he has done assisting in various labyrinth walks around the city. You will be transported as these two take you on a journey into your soul, and what it wants to release.

When we release what no longer serves us, we prepare the ground to nourish the new seed ideas that we are ready to bring in. This ceremony helps set the stage for what is to come.

Sunday, Jan. 7 – Visioning Workshop – 10:30AM-NOON

Using a combination of guided meditation and journaling, this workshop will help you clarify what you want for your best life in 2018.

All events are open to everyone by donation. Pre-registration is required for the Visioning workshop!

To register, sign up in advance at one of our Sunday gatherings by Dec. 31, and the workshop is free!

At-the-door fee is $40, with the proceeds going to support CSL Yaletown. To book your spot, click the Pay Now button.

We are honoured to partner with you on your pathway to fulfillment, and look forward to seeing you throughout the holiday season!