Spiritual Support


Bring your life into alignment

Spiritual practitioner support

Change your life through the power of prayer

Confidential spiritual coaching and prayer support

What is a Practitioner?

Prayer Practitioners are trained and licensed to provide prayer support in the moment or through longer, private, individual sessions. Using affirmative prayer, Practitioners support you when you go through difficult times or when you want sustained support for your spiritual growth.

Practitioners begin with the idea that you are already perfect and then assist you to reveal that perfection!

Give yourself a new idea of who you are

What is affirmative prayer?

Affirmative prayer brings our thinking and feeling into alignment with the truth that infinite Good surrounds us always in the form of love, harmony, peace, wellness, abundance, prosperity, and any Good we can imagine.

Practitioners are available at our community gatherings and throughout the week to support you in knowing your highest and best for any situation.

  • Prayer support before and after community gatherings
  • Prayer support for all requests submitted to the prayer team
  • Visits to congregants at hospitals and care facilities
  • Holding the “High Watch” at important functions

Private sessions to support your growth

Practitioners are also available for private, individual spiritual guidance. Fees range from $50 to $100 or more per session. Some Practitioners have a sliding scale. Feel free to ask what their rate is, and what options are available.

You can reach out for spiritual support to:

Kelly Sangha, RScP:  kkellysangha@gmail.com

Phone: 778-871-2321


~ Meister Eckhart