Walking the path of integrity….

…while kissing a few toads

This month we’re exploring the role of integrity in our life. What does it mean to live in integrity? What does it have to do – if anything – with morality? How do we get to live greater lives of integrity?

The role of integrity is to put us in touch with our personal guidance system. While morality may have rules and regulations imposed on us from our society, integrity calls on us to determine whether we are in alignment with our own personal truths.

“Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Spiritual Laws, 1841

Emerson talks about how our “bloated nothingness” can get in the way of our ability to access our higher self. Like the bullfrog that enjoys puffing itself up with self-importance in order to attract the attention of an appropriate spouse, we can puff ourselves up to be more like what we believe we “should” or “could” be.

The being and doing of life

Emerson talks about life being a “perpetual substitution of being for seeming”. In other words, when we are in a place of “seeming” we have not yet embodied what it is we claim. We are not walking our talk. But these small detours of life act as guideposts to bring us back to centre. As we listen, as we incorporate more of who are are into our beingness we come into a greater integrity with our true selves.

The light that is you

Think again about that bloated frog. It can spend weeks, even days, croaking for its mate. It only stops once it succeeds. In essence, it stops when it comes in contact with the truth of its beingness – the perfect mate is called in, recognizing that the frog has in its own way spoken its own truth.

We are falling forward at all times into a greater understanding of ourselves. We are evolving and coming into fullness of the sum total of our beliefs. The light gets brighter.

Rev. Karin
Karin Wilson is the Spiritual Director at the Centre for Spiritual Living Yaletown in Vancouver, BC. A writer as well as spiritual coach, Karin spent more than 20 years as a journalist contributing thousands of articles to a wide range of media, including CBC Radio's The Current, Daybreak Kelowna, and The World at Six. In 2015 her voyage to Haida Gwaii was featured in Science of Mind magazine.