What’s On at CSL Yaletown

A Spiritual Centre to call your own

CSL Yaletown is one of the newest spiritual centres in the downtown Vancouver area.

Since December, 2014 we’ve been holding weekly Sunday services, plus a variety of classes and workshops to help people explore and deepen their spiritual practice.

Events and personal growth sessions that celebrate you

There’s no one size fits all. Being devoted to positive change sometimes means learning from teaching outside of tradition. That’s why at CSL Yaletown, our workshops have included explorations into Hindu and Sufi meditation practices, ongoing Zen Buddhist meditation, as well as more “traditional” New Thought subjects such as prosperity consciousness, radical forgiveness, and more.

Check out our home page to see what’s coming up, and explore the rest of our site to find out about upcoming workshops and classes.

Life can be tough – so ease your way with a group of like-minded people eager to support you on your journey.

Enjoy an Entire Year of Soul-Filled Talks

(Plus book recommendations)

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Upcoming talks, musical guests & more

  • June 2017
  • 4Sun
    9:30 am
    Meditation in the Heart of Vancouver

    Breathe with Alan CSL Yaletown offers a full 20-minute meditation to all-comers…...

  • 4Sun
    10:00 am
    Living the Impeccable Word

    What are You Thinking? In other words - what are you focused…...

  • 11Sun
    10:00 am
    Walking Sunday

    Let's Walk Join Janet Rivers, licensed spiritual practitioner for a Sunday experience…...

  • 18Sun
    10:00 am
    Look Before You Leap

    Don't Make Assumptions One of The Four Agreements principles In a teaching…...

  • 25Sun
    10:00 am
    CSLY 2.0 – Do Your Best

    The Power of Self Reliance Visioning a Brighter Better More Brilliant Centre…...