A community that lives the Law of Attraction

IMG_0051Every day the Law of Attraction works through our lives.

The best thing about being in community, is experiencing the support when we activate this law in a conscious way.

See what a difference a day makes

Our 10AM-noon Meditation, SoulTalk & Community Gathering is designed to remind you of you who truly are – a unique expression of the Divine.

This is a place where you can be yourself, learn and grow. Rev. Karin, along with our spiritual practitioner Kelly Sangha, are here as your guides. Anticipate a great message, plus opportunities to practice:

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • and Affirmative Prayer

Enjoy an Entire Year of Soul-Filled Talks

(Plus book recommendations)

View & Download Our Brochure:  CSLY 2017 SOULTALKS

Make connections that matter

Here you can make the connections that give you new reasons to laugh, exploring yourself, and experience the world in a new way. It’s about making a difference, and finding friends and neighbours to do that with.

At Centres for Spiritual Living, we understand that life can be tough. But more importantly, we know it is already amazing.

Connecting with like-minded people each week is like keeping your mental pump primed with the goodness of life. It gives you the right kind of gas to take you through the rest of the week.

Welcome home

Rev. Karin

Rev. Karin

Kelly Sangha, Practitioner

Kelly Sangha, RScP