When my cup is full

Paying attention

This week I’ve been practicing paying attention. What that means in real terms is that I’m paying attention in particular to my moods. What’s making me anxious? What’s making me slow down? Speed up? And what’s uplifting me?

Earlier in the week I realized that a simple meal of a salad roll was literally clogging my mind and body. I could feel the toxins mounting. The next day I increased my water to help flush the ailments away, and could sense my mind lifting as I did.

Thought plus feeling equals manifestation, we say. What can be easy to practice is no thought = manifestation. I get what I create when I’m not consciously thinking. Quell drag!

And so the shift continued as I dove deeper into my experience. It was like following my own inner path on the most minute level. It required slowing down. Sloth-like, even, just so I could catch as many moments consciously as possible.

Magic occurs when you least expect it

When the magical moment arrived, it was like the skies opened with sunshine, even though Vancouver rain was pouring down.

As I revelled in this new level, something else happened: I started to pull myself back to earth. Such a familiar experience. Some part of me still wants to think that I don’t deserve to live in love. That’s where the real battle lies. As much as we may love another, we love the most when we love ourselves. When our cup is full to overflowing. And then the real opportunity is to keep it there – consciously, all the while operating in concert with a world that tempts us with its falsehoods of discord.

We are here not only on purpose, but for purpose

At this point, I thought: where do I go then. I go to spiritual mind treatment, I go to affirmations, I go to my meditation cushion, and I go to the written word, and music.

I thought back to a journal I kept in the 1980s where I copied down the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, and the comfort I felt when I listened to George Harrison, and the joy when I found the St. Francis prayer performed by Snatam Kaur.

So, here’s a little musical insight. See how these two songs resonate for you this week. And if you want to check out a meditation on self love by Irish teacher Tony Brady, I posted that on our Facebook page.

Rev. Karin
Karin Wilson is the Spiritual Director at the Centre for Spiritual Living Yaletown in Vancouver, BC. A writer as well as spiritual coach, Karin spent more than 20 years as a journalist contributing thousands of articles to a wide range of media, including CBC Radio's The Current, Daybreak Kelowna, and The World at Six. In 2015 her voyage to Haida Gwaii was featured in Science of Mind magazine.